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06 Jun 2017

Improving our documentation

SensioLabsInsight is a powerful tool: by integrating it into your Continuous Integration processes, it analyzes your code during the whole lifetime of your projects, keeping their quality from degrading and letting you detect issues at review time.

As SensioLabsInsight needs access to your code, configuring it depends on where your code is hosted and how you run your test suites. Combined with a wide range of configuration settings, it might be time consuming to optimize its integration with your projects.

Knowing all this, we rewrote the documentation, aiming it to be clearer, more precise and better organized to suit most common needs.

For instance, you can read a new Getting started tutorial explaining in details the concepts of SensioLabsInsight, new documentation categories dedicated to the different platforms supported by SensioLabsInsight and a new reference page listing all SensioLabsInsight's options.

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